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If you buy and sell Vintage Converse All Stars for a very long time you get to know other buyers and sellers over the years, at least virtually. As Ebay has been a great source to find Vintage Chucks I know a lot of guys -don’t know where the girls went- who sells Vintage stuff, Converse in particular. This guy from the picture has a shop in Grantville, Utah near Salt Lake City.

family 2

Besides he has been selling some great pairs over the years I like the fact he always posts a picture of him and his Converse minded family when he starts an auction. They’re not only wearing Vintage Chucks, they also wear (at leat te guys) Converse tees and sweaters.


Always when I see his photo I try to remember. I also want a pic like this with all of us wearing Chucks. Well, here it is. I had to convince the youngest to wear them only to make the photograph. The others, including my wife, are here voluntarily.