Korea 2

Made in Korea

Last week I noticed another pair of VintageChucks made in Korea on Ebay.com. Buy it now price is 350 USD. To much if you ask me. About ten years ago I first found a Korean made pair. I bought it on Ebay as well, fooled by the extra stiches, ignoring the feeling the tow caps did […]


How are sneakers made?

A few weeks ago I found this post on Popdiatry. It’s about the childs book written by Henry Horenstein about how sneakers are made. Or more precise, how Converse All Stars were made, back in the nineties. I ordered one at Amazon right away. Great it’s a childs book so there is not so many […]

no thanks

Retro? No thanks!

Every now and then I’m fooled by Ebay. A picture of a green (or white, turkois, red…..) pair of chucks, seem to be vintage and appair to be retro. With the ‘First String’ Converse launched a shoe based on the well selling chucks from the seventies. Black heeltab, extra stiches, smaller to cap and thicker soles. […]

Vintage Converse All Stars, made in USA, Tricolor

Tricolored Chucks…

Last week I had two requests for tricolored Chucks. Maybe it was because of me posting an old pair of mine in blue, white and red or maybe some new old Seinfeld dvd had been launched. I have to admit: I want them too. Not those from 1992 but the real 1983 ones in purple, […]


How to store…

Since I bought this large collection of Vintage Chucks last year I was worrying about how and where to store them. For almost a year I rented a air conditioned storage box on the other side of my home town Utrecht. Everything which didn’t fit was stored everywhere in the house: in the hall, in our […]

Nieuwe afbeelding (1)


Lets start a competition… I’ve been neglecting you. I’s been a few weeks since my latest post on Facebook and half a year ago I posted my latest blog. By now over 150 Vintage Chucks fans have liked the page. Time to do something back. So let’s start a competition! Since I’m still working on […]



If you buy and sell Vintage Converse All Stars for a very long time you get to know other buyers and sellers over the years, at least virtually. As Ebay has been a great source to find Vintage Chucks I know a lot of guys -don’t know where the girls went- who sells Vintage stuff, […]

oranje 3


My home country is the Netherlands. Country of traders since the Golden Age. We are a small kingdom in Europe and since 2013 we have a new King and Queen, named Willem Alexander and Maxima. As our royal family is named after the small French village Orange -Van Oranje-  we celebrate Kings Day yearly by […]

pink-redish 2

No laces, no box…

Yesterday some new boxes arrived, the last 185 pairs of the dead stock I bought earlier this year. Same colors, same sizes, some with and some without boxes. Checking the boxes I found one serial number I hadn’t seen before, just one pair with this pink-redish color. You can imagine how happy I am, finding […]