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How to smell a dead stock

Mister JJ West is selling Vintage Chucks just like me. He seems totally focussed on the Thai market and has some beautifull pairs. I’m really thinking about buying the gray pair. Always wanted a grey pair of Vintage Chucks.

I’m collecting Vintage Chucks for over 20 years now and since Converse doesn’t manufacture them in the US anymore I got this extra sence for these old Converse boxes. I think I would have recognized a deadstock in a 50 mile radius just by using my nose. That’s how I did manage to buy several pairs over the years just by visiting shops all over Europe during holidays, found about 150 pairs of old stock Converse Skidgrips just around the corner and finally acquired a real big stock of Vintage Converse All Stars from the late eighties. That’s how I started

I still get greedy when I see old stock Converse boxes piled up.