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No laces, no box…

Yesterday some new boxes arrived, the last 185 pairs of the dead stock I bought earlier this year. Same colors, same sizes, some with and some without boxes. Checking the boxes I found one serial number I hadn’t seen before, just one pair with this pink-redish color. You can imagine how happy I am, finding a new color and it’s my size!

New Old Stock

By now I have several pairs without boxes and several pairs without laces. That’s something that happens to dead stocks. It’s just take it or leave it.  So I decided to start something new for a while: getting yourself 5 to 10 percent off by buying a pair without box and or without laces. Just fill in at the coupon field ‘no box’ or ‘no laces’ to claim your 5 or 10 percent discount. This is going to be a great summer wearing new Vintage Converse All Stars being 25 years old. Join me!