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Tricolored Chucks…

Last week I had two requests for tricolored Chucks. Maybe it was because of me posting an old pair of mine in blue, white and red or maybe some new old Seinfeld dvd had been launched. I have to admit: I want them too. Not those from 1992 but the real 1983 ones in purple, red, green and the orange back. In fact the absolute ideal combination of colors…

kramer 1


kramer 2

They are in my Legends of Converse Bible on page 16. For several reasons one of the most interesting pages with some eighties specials like the reflecting giraffe and zebra prints, the red hawaïan pattern and the first series of camouflage Chucks. I also found a pair of these tricolored Chucks on a Thai Facebook site. Around the same periode Converse also made these tricolored pairs with a raspberry outside, a petrol inside and black tongue. These you see more often.

Fact is, these 1983 Chucks are realy hard to find and if you do they’re just not the right size. Or some mad banana thinks one special pair will pay the rent this year. So if you happen to be at a garage sale next weekend keep in mind: I do have buyers for these beauties, at least in size 7, 8.5 and 11.