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How to store…

Since I bought this large collection of Vintage Chucks last year I was worrying about how and where to store them. For almost a year I rented a air conditioned storage box on the other side of my home town Utrecht. Everything which didn’t fit was stored everywhere in the house: in the hall, in our sleeping room and upstairs between the camping gear. A lot of fuss. Besides that it took me almost an hour to pick up one pair of shoes. Last month I finally found a new storage. Three times as big as the old one and pretty close by where I live. Almost 226 square feet and best of all: it’s all mine.


storage 2

By now all the shoes have been moved to the  new location and with some shelving units it looks much better. Finally I can find what I’m looking for. Next week I will manage to finish recounting and bring up a new color for sale. It’s called Blush and they are available in size 8, 10 and 12. If you’re interested already, be prepared, they won’t be cheap.