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How are sneakers made?

A few weeks ago I found this post on Popdiatry. It’s about the childs book written by Henry Horenstein about how sneakers are made. Or more precise, how Converse All Stars were made, back in the nineties. I ordered one at Amazon right away. Great it’s a childs book so there is not so many text and lots of great pictures. As Henry Horenstein is a photographer, the pictures are great too. Today I emailed Henry’s assistant  if some of these great pictures are available for using on my website. Till then you’ll have to deal with some -not very good- scans.

However. There’s some very interesting information for those who are interested in how Vintage Chucks were made in the USA. These pictures are taken at a Converse Factory in Lumberton, NC in 1993 and show for instance Chucks being dipped in latex and baked afterwards. Did you know? Well, take a look and if your have any questions, or comments, just let me know!

How are sneakers made – Henry Horenstein